Love's Free Pit Stop Service Special

Service Reminder Systems have drivers going up to 10,000 miles between oil changes and "service stations" where an actual person checked the conditions of your car are a thing of the past.

The benefits of timely routine maintenance shouldn't be underestimated.

A well maintained vehicle is more efficient, safer, more valuable and more enjoyable to own. Ignoring important maintenance items might save a little money in the short term, but there's great potential for more expensive repairs in the long term by doing so.

That is why Love Honda is offering a FREE PIT STOP.
Come into Love Honda and we will check your oil, tire pressure, fluids, filters and brakes for free. Love Honda is offering a FREE PIT STOP because we want to help you maintain your vehicle in peak operating condition. That is hard to do if you go up to 10,000 miles between services.

The recent increased price of gasoline makes this offer even more valuable.