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The Importance Of Regular Maintenance For Your Honda

The number one way to keeping your new Honda vehicle — whether it’s the compact Fit, the spacious Pilot, the sporty Civic, or the reliable CR-V — running smoothly and safely for years to come is to keep up with routine maintenance, as spelled out in your specific Honda model’s owner manual. If you bring your Honda vehicle into Love Honda at regular intervals, our mechanics, who have been specially trained to work on Honda vehicles, will be able to recommend all the necessary service that your specific car, truck, van, or SUV needs.

Here are some of the most important routine maintenance items that you will need to keep up with for your Honda:

Oil changes

Your Honda relies on engine oil to lubricate all the engine parts that rotate and move under the hood. The oil keeps the engine clean and keeps it from overheating. By ignoring regular oil changes, you risk your engine overheating, which can be expensive to repair. Regular oil changes also make for much more efficient driving.

Tire rotations and pressure checks

You should have the tires of your Honda model rotated with every oil change. This ensures even wear on all four tires for safer driving and more consistent tire replacement. In between maintenance visits, you should check your tire pressure to ensure it is at the right level. Newer Honda models include a monitoring system that will alert you if your tires are losing pressure.

Brake checks

Our vehicles are meant to take us places, but it is, of course, important to stop now and then as well. During our routine inspections at Love Honda, we can check your brakes to ensure they are performing optimally. Eventually, brake pads wear down and need to be replaced.

Fluid refills

Your Honda relies on a wide range of fluids to operate. We can top off all important fluids during your maintenance visit.

Routine maintenance is the key to a long life for your Honda. Come see us at Love Honda to get your car on its ideal service schedule.

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