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Common Honda Service FAQs | Love Honda | Homosassa, FL

Common Honda Service FAQs | Homosassa, FL

Taking care of your Honda helps it last longer, providing you with a reliable ride throughout its lifespan. But regular service can sometimes cause questions to pop up. Our Love Honda service team has experience taking care of Honda vehicles, which is why we have put together this list of frequently asked questions about Honda servicing.
When Should I Get My Oil Changed?
The common practice for oil changes is to bring your car in every 3,000-5,000 miles. For Honda vehicles, this ranges due to their unique mechanical set up. To figure out how frequently your Honda model should be brought in for its routine oil change, you should look at your owner’s manual or call Love Honda to ask us. Either way, you will find out when your vehicle needs to get its oil changed.
How Often Should My Tires Be Changed?
This really depends on your tires and how often you’re getting them routinely rotated. Over time, your tires will wear down because of their constant contact with the road. If you rotate your tires every six months, they should easily last the six years that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends you keep them for.
What Should I Do if My Honda is Making Noise?
There are certain noises that your Honda will make normally, and then there are noises that you shouldn’t ignore. If you find your Honda is making noises that you don’t recognize, then you should bring it in to see us so that we can figure out what is causing it. We may catch an issue before it gets worse.
Why Is the Check Engine Light On?
The check engine light is a warning that there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s main computer. When it comes on, it can indicate a multitude of issues ranging from a faulty gas cap to a misfiring engine. The best thing to do is to bring it in to us so we can make sure if there is a big issue, it doesn’t become too large to fix.
If you have questions about how your Honda is operating or need maintenance to keep it running well, schedule an appointment with the Love Honda service center.

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